SOURCE™ Hydropanels

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SOURCE™ Hydropanels combine sunlight + air to make, mineralize, and deliver a perfected supply of drinking water right to your tap without any electric or piped water input.

Traveling through a complicated water system of pipes and aging infrastructure or from an extensive supply chain, it’s hard to know exactly where your drinking water has been. With SOURCE™, your water is made at home, giving your family safe, delicious drinking water.

Water Independence

SOURCE™ flows conveniently to your tap from infrastructure independent Hydropanels on your roof. Low-maintenance and always delicious, you own your water.


Powered by solar, SOURCE™ Hydropanels tap into the inexhaustible supply of fresh water in the atmosphere, eliminating plastic or water waste.

It’s ridiculous to waste water to get water

Reverse osmosis and filtration wastes water to make it drinkable. SOURCE™ is for drinking by design.

We’re addicted to plastic

It’s in our oceans, streets, all over our grocery store shelves and even in our food. Keep plastic out of the water you drink.

You should know your water

Traces of chlorine, chromium, prescriptions, lead and who knows what else flow through the municipal supply. With SOURCE™, you know what you’re drinking - pure water mineralized with calcium and magnesium. That’s it.

Water Production

Using advanced water capture technology, a standard SOURCE™ array replaces more than a twelve-pack and up to a twenty-pack of bottled water on a sunny day.*

*Two-panel array, > 20°C, >20% RH, standard 500 mL bottles

Drinking Water, Perfected

SOURCE™ Hydropanels make and mineralize pure water for taste and health benefits. Every morning when the sun comes up, you can have peace of mind knowing that your water supply is refreshed each day. Unlike municipal or bottled water, SOURCE™ is without water waste.

Water Quality

SOURCE™ water is mineralized with calcium and magnesium, achieving optimal taste. With this perfect combination of electrolytes for your hydration, SOURCE™ brings the highest-quality water for your health right to your tap.

Every Person, Every Place

Every person in the world has a right to perfected drinking water.

With SOURCE™ Hydropanels, we are making water ownership possible worldwide, providing independence over your water while saving money, water waste, and plastic trash. When you invest in SOURCE™, you advance water ownership for your family, community, and the world. In collaboration with governments, NGO’s, and distributors, SOURCE™ is bringing perfected water to every person in every place.

Responsive Optimized Performance

SOURCE™ is connected, enabling optimized performance and ensured quality. You'll see how much water you're producing and consuming, what sunshine and humidity are expected in the coming days, and an active green light signal that SOURCE™ is keeping your water safe. Not to mention how many plastic water bottles you, and the global SOURCE™ community, have saved. As a Water for Life member, you'll get even more data and control over your array.

Technical Specifications


Litre Capacity

Water Storage

Each panel holds 30 litres (60 standard water bottles) in a reservoir where it is mineralized and kept clean for optimal taste and health. Standard arrays, which are made up of 2 Hydropanels, have 60 litres of water storage capacity.


Litres per day

Daily Production

Standard array averages 4-10 litres each day or 8-10 500 ml standard water bottles, depending on sunlight and humidity. Array sizes are designed by modeled performance.




Water is delivered to a tap at 80 PSI pressure.


Each Hydropanel is 4 feet x 8 feet (1.2m x 2.4m) and a standard array contains 2 Hydropanels.


Water vapour is pulled from the air with a system powered by solar and then converted into liquid water.


SOURCE™ utilizes solar power and a small battery to enable water production when the sun shines and water delivery on cloudy days or at night.


Pure water is created from water vapour, leaving behind any pollutants in the air, and minerals are added; Follows EPA and FDA guidelines.


One cartridge in reservoir: calcium and magnesium.
Final finishing cartridge at tap: activated carbon.


SOURCE™ is fully self-sustained and off-grid.

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