We go above and beyond the global standard for potable water, using breakthrough technology to make clean, mineralized water that's monitored for safety and calibrated for taste.

Perfectly mineralized water

Starting with the cleanest, purest water wasn't enough. We needed to perfect it – for health and for taste.
So we worked with water quality experts to model some of the world's most highly sought water. From there, we mineralized our own water with essential magnesium and calcium to increase absorption by the body, and refined the taste profile to craft a new experience in water.

Highest Commitment to Water Quality

Our commitment to quality and safety means SOURCE is built to create and maintain the highest-quality drinking water, with an integrated system keeping the stored water safe.

Know everything about your water

With the SOURCE app, you can track your water quality and production with just a few taps.

check icon Track your water production and reservoir level

check icon Monitor your water quality and get alerted if there’s ever a change

check icon Get notified when it’s time to service your Hydropanels

“When you have SOURCE Hydropanels on your house or in your yard, you have the means of your own sustainability. It’s amazing from a technology point of view, but it’s also really good water.”

Bre P, Homeowner, New York

Reduce your carbon footprint with every sip

SOURCE water is uncompromising on quality, safety, accessibility, and sustainability. We're reinventing drinking water with technology that keeps both people and planet healthy and thriving.

No Pipes

No Electricity

No Plastic


plastic bottles removed over the lifetime of just one Hydropanel


No precious groundwater extracted from the earth


of SOURCE materials are mass bulk-recyclable

1 car

For every two Hydropanels installed, you remove the CO2 equivalent of one car from the road

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